Public transport in Bulgaria

Public transportation in Bulgaria

Not much of a fan of taxi drivers? Public transportation in Bulgaria is always a good and cheap option! Each big city has a different ticketing system and the fine for using the public transportation without a ticket may reach up to 40 BGN (20 EUR). As for night public transportation, in 2018 the capital city Sofia has introduced several night lines but the municipality is currently debating the need of night public transportation and the possible ways to improve this service.

Public transportation in Sofia

A one-way ticket in Sofia costs 1.60 BGN (0.80 EUR).

When it comes to buses, trolleys or trams in Sofia, you can buy a ticket from kiosks close to the stations, the drivers (who are usually not very happy about it) and (rather seldom) vending machines inside the vehicle. Keep in mind that if you a buy a ticket from the driver or from kiosks nearby, it should be perforated with a small “machine” inside the vehicle – otherwise you will be fined. You can ask another passenger to assist you. Keep in mind that a regular ticket does not include transferring from one public transportation vehicle to another.

When it comes to the subway in Sofia, you can buy tickets from the vending machines at the entrances or the kiosks nearby. A metro ticket includes transfer to another metro line.

There are different types of cards for public transportation besides the one-way ticket. Some of them are: one-day ticket for all lines (4 BGN), a three-day tickets for all lines (10 BGN), a card with ten tickets (12 BGN, can be used either for metro only or for all other lines excluding the metro), a monthly ticket (the price may vary between 25 BGN and 50 BGN depending on your status and age), a three-month card, etc. You can usually purchase those cards in the offices or kiosks of Central Urban Mobility (usually in orange color)– there is usually one close to the main public transportation stations in Sofia. The staff may request from you different documents, e.g. original identification document or a passport-sized photo, depending on the card you want to purchase.

Here is a useful video about public transportation in Sofia!

Public transportation in other Bulgarian cities

Public transportation in Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas usually works in a different way. There is a person in every vehicle that will charge you for the trip (sometimes even depending on how long you will travel so you should know your destination in advance). A regular ticket costs around 1 BGN (0.50 EUR). Of course, the biggest cities also offer a monthly card if you are planning to use public transportation on a daily basis.

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