Travel blog: Polska Skakavitsa Waterfall

Polska Skakavitsa is a beautiful waterfall located close to the town of Kyustendil. You can reach it by car, but since I can’t drive – travelling by train is also an option. You need to catch the train to Polska Skakavitsa waterfall (and btw, the train trip is very scenic!). Keep in mind that the whole hike takes one to one hour and a half in total, and travelling from Sofia to Polska Skakavitsa is around two hours one direction, so I definitely recommend combining the trip with other sightseeing places near Kyustendil.

Once you get off at Polska Skakavitsa railway station, you need to walk along the railway lines direction Kyustendil for about 15 minutes and also pass a tunnel! It sounds quite scary, but the trains along the line pass only a couple of times a day, so don’t worry. In any case, I definitely recommend checking the train schedule in advance (for both directions). Shortly after you pass the tunnel, you will see a path on your right side. Go along the path and in about 10 – 15 minutes you will reach two signs – one of them pointing to the waterfall (ДО ВОДОПАДА) and the other one pointing left towards a camping place (ДО БИВАКА). If you go towards the camping place, in a minute you will have a lovely view over the waterfall on your right side. In any case, you should definitely catch the path going to the waterfall. You will soon reach a bridge called the ‘Devil’s bridge’ and start going up some stairs to reach “Waterfall level 1” and “Waterfall level 2”. The lower level gives you the chance to go below the waterfall and to “take a shower” – it is very beautiful and fun! The upper level gives you a chance to witness a lovely view over the surrounding area.

In total, you need around 30 – 40 minutes to reach the waterfall from the railway station. There is a bench at the bridge so you can have a short break there. It will also take you around 30-40 minutes to go back. The hike is not hard, so it is suitable for people of all ages and you will see many people there over the weekend.

Things to keep in mind:

  • There is no place to buy or refill a water bottle, so be prepared;
  • Again, check the train schedule!
  • In summer there are many bushes, so I definitely do not recommend wearing shorts – your legs will suffer!
  • You can visit the waterfall all year round as long as the weather is good;

Watch my video about the hike to Polska Skakavitsa waterfall!

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