Travel blog: Love Bench viewpoint

The love bench viewpoint is located very close to Bacho Kiro cave and Dryanovo monastery - two places that are definitely a must visit! 

Locals often organize "events" linked with the love bench. For instance, at Valentine's day you might find nice notes or love letters around the viewpoint. There are a couple of benches at the viewpoint (where you have a scenic view over the railway that leads to Dryanovo monastery, the monastery itself and the whole area), so you will have a place to sit, have lunch maybe and enjoy nature and the lovely atmosphere.

The path to the "Love bench" starts on the right side of the entrance of Bacho Kiro cave. There are a couple of stairs and in less than a couple of minutes, the path splits in two - go left and continue straight for about 10 minutes. I recommend having sports shoes, as the path is a bit steep (definitely not too steep, though!) and it might be slippery. The hike to reach the viewpoint takes around 15 minutes, so you should definitely combine it with other points of interest nearby (e.g. the cave, the monastery or even the 5-hour ecotrail leading to the beautiful architectural reserve Bozhentsi). 

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