Travel blog: Halkata rock phenomenon

Halkata (in English “The ring” as the rock has a shape of a ring) is a famous rock phenomenon located very close to the town of Sliven. It is a very famous place for people from the area to visit over the weekend as the hike is fairly easy and it takes only around 45 minutes from the town of Sliven. The trail is marked in yellow and it starts from the open lift which takes people to Karandila area in the Balkan mountains. Once you are in Sliven, you can reach the lift by taxi or by foot (around one hour away from the city center).

If you start from the lower lift station (in Sliven): In around 30 minutes after you start the hike following the yellow sign, the path will split. You have to go right following the sign “Халката“ (Halkata). The path then goes uphill and looks like stairs. In about 10 minutes you will reach the Halkata rock phenomenon and you will have a beautiful view over the town of Sliven.

If you start from Karandila area: You can start the hike from the old hotel named Karandila (the end of red Haidushka path). For around 40 minutes you will enjoy a beautiful path in the forest and then you will reach Stote voivodi shelter. Keep going down for a minute and the trail splits in two – if you go left, you will follow the red Haidushka route and reach the town of Sliven. If you keep straight, you will follow the yellow path which will take you to Halkata rock phenomenon in about 40 minutes. This part of the path is not very steep but very scenic – most of the time you will be enjoying a walk and on the left side you will have an amazing view over the town of Sliven. Around the middle of this part you will also cross a river and very close to Halkata phenomenon you will go below the lift and pass a place where you can refill your water bottle. From the Halkata rock keep walking on the main path that will take you to the lift in around 20 minutes.

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