Travel blog: Futula waterfall and cave

In my previous travel blog I told you more about the beauty of Karandila and why you should definitely go there!

If you decide to stay longer at Karandila and you are looking for nice trails, I recommend visiting Futula waterfall and cave. The path starts at the upper station of the Karandila lift. There is a small parking lot behind the lift – follow the street for about 5 minutes and the road will soon split in two. Go left following the sign “Ravna reka” (Равна река) which is the name of the river of the Futula waterfall. In about 10 minutes the road turns into a dirt road and on your left side you will see a big meadow called “Slancheva polyana” (in English: “Sunny meadow”). The dirt road will soon take you to the old building of the Water and Supply Sewage (ViK in Bulgarian language, it is marked on Google maps too!). It is surrounded by a fence and it is located right next to Ravna river so you can’t miss it. Go around the building - just behind it you will find a place to refill your water bottle (“Chorbadzhi cheshma” - this is the photo of the blog). There you need to cross the river and go down the mountain following the flow of the river. There are yellow signs which will help you too. You will have to cross the small river a couple of times and you will reach the top of the waterfall. From there you can go down via the yellow path or the blue path. Both will take you to the bottom of the waterfall which is around 10 m high. Right behind the waterfall there is a small cave too – it is called the Futula cave.

In total, it should take you around 30 minutes from the lift to reach the waterfall and around 40 minutes to go back.

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