Travel blog: Borov kamak waterfall and ecotrail

The Borov kamak ecotrail is a beautiful ecotrail located close to the town of Vratsa. You can start the hike at the end of Zgorigrad village or if you want to make your trip longer, start from the the town of Vratsa and walk to Zgorigrad village. I chose to start from the town of Vratsa and it took me around one hour and a half to reach the end of the village where the hike starts. You can take a taxi to Zgorigrad village or the start of Borov kamak ecotrail. 

At the end of Vratsa town there are plenty of bridges to cross the river that flows right next to the road to Zgorigrad village – this way you can go on the left side along a nice path (and skip walking along the car road for an hour) and enjoy the scenic rocks that surround the area. Around an hour after leaving the town of Vratsa, the path ends and you have to keep walking along the main car road leading to the village of Zgorigrad.

After you leave the village, you will see a big bridge that crosses the river – on the left side of the bridge there is an arrow pointing up the mountains. You can start the hike from here, but it is not recommended as in this case you will have to cross the river shortly and there won’t be a bridge. This means: keep walking on the main road for a few more minutes and you will see the “official start” of the ecotrail – there is a big sign. This is where you start walking on a dirt road and enter the mountains.

From here to the actual waterfall it takes around an hour – keep in mind that the ecotrail is quite steep at some places and there are plenty of wooden stairs that take the breath away. I am afraid of heights and it was still fine for me, so don’t worry if you are also afraid of heights. There are also a couple of benches on the way to the waterfall so you can have a short break. Once you reach the waterfall, you can go below the waterfall (cross it) and then go up for about 15 minutes more to reach the top of the waterfall. There you will see a small bridge with a beautiful view over the rocks in the region.

After you reach the top of the waterfall, you can either go back the same way or continue to Parshevitsa hut, Kobilini steni rocks (very scenic) or even to the town of Vratsa!

Watch my video from the hike!

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