Travel blog: Belogradchik rocks

Belogradchik rocks are beautiful rock formations in Bulgaria located close to the border of Serbia and are definitely one of the most spectacular places I have visited. Unfortunately, the site is located a bit far away from the biggest cities in Bulgaria (e.g. Sofia, Plovdiv or Varna), so I think this is the reason why most people (even locals) know the place but have never actually visited it.

The rocks are named after the town of Belogradchik – they are located right next to it, so you can spend the night at a hotel in Belogradchik. I definitely recommend you visit the area for at least two days, because there are many caves and sightseeing places which you should definitely check out (e.g. Magurata cave and Venetsa cave).  In addition, the town of Belogradchik offers cool events (e.g. opera at Belogradchik rocks, hot air balloon trips, off-road experience), nice activities (plenty of eco trails in the region, incl. a trail that will take you to the top of a TV tower above the town of Belogradchik) as well as interesting museums (Natural History Museum and Museum of History).

Belogradchik rocks as a sightseeing place are usually open from 9 AM to around 5 PM (depending on the season – in the summer months they are usually open till later). The ticket office is right next to the main entrance and the fee is around 6 BGN per person (students get a discount). In front of the ticket office you will also see plenty of shops selling souvenirs as well as a small parking lot where you pay around 2.40 BGN to leave your car while you explore what the site has to offer. Of course, you can also leave your car in the city center of Belogradchik but be prepared for a steep walk (the entrance to the Belogradchik rocks is located on the top of the hill). You can enter the site without a tour guide and enjoy a walk for about an hour or two. However, as there are many legends linked with Belogradchik rocks and it is interesting to learn more about the ancient Belogradchik fortress, I think that a tour guide is definitely a good idea. Once you enter the fortress, you will be amazed by this natural phenomenon that no man can ever create… and yes, you will take plenty of photos. I think the best time to visit Belogradchik rocks is when the weather is cloudy and not so warm. This way you will be able to take good photos as well as enjoy the view (without sweating). Sports shoes are definitely a must, as the rocks and stairs may be slippery.

At sunset I went for a walk to the old summer cinema close to the city center where you can also enjoy a pleasant view. Also, I went to the panoramic view point in front of Mislen Kamak restaurant. Don't worry - all sightseeing places in the town of Belogradchik are located walking distance away from each other, so you don't need to take the car with you. There are a couple of restaurant in the town of Belogradchik, so ask your local host for recommendations – I personally chose “Pri Ivan” restaurant and I wasn’t disappointed!

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