Indoor ski and snowboard!

Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons in Bulgaria but it also means that the ski season in Bulgaria is over…. OR wait a minute! Did you know that there is an indoor ski and snowboard sports center in Bulgaria? The place is called CARVE Indoor Ski, Board & Bar and it is located close to Pliska bus station (pretty much all buses in Sofia pass this station!). It is open every day from 10 AM to 10 PM and it also has a cool “mountain bar” next to the slope where you can take a break and enjoy a cup of nice tea!

Their price list includes many options, so make sure you check it out here. The good news are that if you purchase a ski/snowboard package for 5,10 or 20 training or even a full-year membership, you will take advantage of 10% discount on the price listed! What you need to do is simply give them a call in advance at +359 894 881 664 or send them a message on their Facebook page and mention that you want to take advantage of the Oh My Bulgaria’s discount!

PS: You do not need special equipment– the price listed include that! Also, their fee includes certified instructor as well as ski or snowboard training for 1 hour (10 minutes on the slope and 10 minutes a break alternating).

If you have any questions about the terms and conditions of their membership cards or about our special discount, just give them a call (+359 894 881 664) or send them a message at


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