Rafting, kayaking and zip-lining at Struma river!

It's spring and it's time for fun! The Reflip team offers rafting, kayaking and zip-line adventure for everyone who wants to experience adrenaline rush! The activities take place along Struma river at 10 AM and 2 PM every day. Their base is located at Kresna gorge, on E79 main road that connects Sofia and Thessaloniki (around 90 minutes by car from Sofia).

The prices are as follows:
- rafting: 26 EUR (or 50 BGN) per person
- rafting + pictures: 31 EUR (60 BGN) per person
- kayaking: 36 EUR (70 BGN) per person
- zip-line: 5 EUR (10 BGN) per person

Actually, Oh My Bulgaria's fans get a special gift! If you join the rafting or kayaking adventure, zip-lining above Struma river is for free! The price includes transportation at the river, full equipment, instructor and instructions. Keep in mind that the gift is not valid on Saturday as the team of Reflip is quite busy!

The Reflip team also offers pick up and drop off from your address as well as trips to Rila Monastery. Sounds good, right?

Keep in mind they might need deposit in advance as seats are quite limited between April and July. Booking their service in advance is also required! You should also bring a towel, socks, swimsuit or underwear and a synthetic T-shirt as well as arrive at their base at least 15 minutes before the adventure. You do not need to bring food or water - there is a restaurant close to their base!

If you have any questions or you want to book your rafting adventure, make sure to contact them at 0877 505 991 or info@reflipteam.com.

IMPORTANT: Tell them you want to use the discount from Oh My Bulgaria website!

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